Niall Horan ‘I Wish I Kissed Demi Lovato!’

Niall Horan told NOW: ‘Demi’s one of the nicest girls I know. She’s super-cool. She always texts me to see how I am. Nothing ever really happened.. Nothing. Basically, it didn’t look like anything was going to happen. When I’ve been in LA and had a few hours to myself I’ve seen her a couple of times.

We did go for dinner after the MTV Video Music Awards. Um, I don’t know [if it was a date]. You’ll have to ask her for me!’ Did you kiss her? ‘No, no, I wish!’ ..[I’m] definitely single. I’m not actually looking but if the right person came along, [I’d] definitely [want a girlfriend].

Niall told The Mirror: ‘We want to be like Take That or Gary Barlow, take 10 years out and then come back.’ Robbie Williams told The Metro: ‘I remember being 21, seeing George Michael, who’s ten years older, and thinking, ‘There’s a vacancy there’. So there must be a Harry Styles looking at me, going, ‘He’s over the hill now’.’

  • LouisTomlinson

    It’s really stupid how nialls fans hate on Demi ! just becoz he has a crush on her ! He wanna kiss her! and his fans want to kill her ! WOW !! this is not fair!

  • Anonymous

    honestly, demi never seemed to like him. at all. i think she just found him cute and adorable after she heard he had a big crush on her.

  • Anonymous

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  • itsroisi

    I love them both but as friends, I really can’t see them as a couple, Niall looks like Demi’s little brother. So, no.

  • SlimShady
  • 2204spears

    grab her and stick your tongue in her mouth!!! if she doesn`t like it you guys keep being friends but if she likes it…diall

  • Anonymous

    i like both of them..Demi is my inspiration to be strong everyday..and i want her to be i would be very happy for both,when they would be a couple :)