Cole Sprouse ‘I’ve Switched From Acting’


Cole Sprouse revealed on his Tumblr: ‘I thought it would be relevant to show that I don’t sound like a baby anymore, I sound like a toddler. I attempted to answer why I switched from acting to archaeology, and what to do when presented with career opportunity.’ Listen HERE!

  • exoticmist

    He sounds so different, wow.

  • Anonymous

    he’s kind of irrelevant, isn´t he?

  • brightstar

    Yeah, but he is using his brain, so I respect him more than the relevant stars out there right now.

  • Anonymous

    I was never a fan of him & his brother, but he’s a good blogger. I like that he isn’t just staying in acting for money & fame. He seems like an intelligent person & I wish him luck.

  • Your Love is my Drug

    Im not sure why but when I read his tumblr he kind of scared me. Idk he just comes off as a narcissistic society loathing pessimist. Hearing him actually talk i don’t think he means to come off like that.