One Direction’s Harry Styles is mobbed by fans outside the Shamrock Tattoo parlor in West Hollywood, California. The singer spent 5 hours inside the parlor. Photo: WENN. Thx gossipjuicy! VIDEO under!

  • tessefuh
  • Anonymous

    this is the only tattoo of his i actually like. :/

  • Nicki Minaj

    I Love harry and all but…seriously if your gonna get a tattoo at least get alot in one spot instead of tattoo’s in different spots and one of his tattoo’s was an “A” srsly…? other than that ILY HARRY!!!

  • Anonymous

    The “A” was for his mom who he is very close with. Her name is Anne, so the A is for her. Plus the A is really tiny, most of tattoos are. This is the biggest so far and I actually kind of like it. I like birds though and it looks well made and most of his don’t

  • Anonymous

    Zayn will have selvee and Harry has two big birds so STFU it is their bodies not yours also it has a meaning to him , his dad and a friend

  • Anonymous


  • exoticmist

    That is so dumb in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Everytime I see a new picture of them, they have a new tattoo. If your going to tattoo yourself, think about it a bit more. Don’t get those little pussy ones either thats like a line or a word. Go big or go home.

  • Anonymous

    wonder what stupid one he got this time. 1D and their terrible choice of tattoos..

  • Anonymous

    Fugly tattoos. Please just stop getting them. I swear one day he will regret them.

  • Anonymous

    i think it’s ridiculous how all these Young Hollywood stars are getting so many small RANDOM tattoos all over their body. it just looks stupid to have random little small pictures all over your body. i hate ANY kind of tattoo, but real rock and rollers, rappers, etc – they have sleeves, chest and back tattoos that are all flowing and connected.

    trace cyrus is a great example of STUPID tattooing. and soon harry and the guys from 1D will be as well.

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