Zayn ‘Fan Wrote Number On Sanitary Pad’

Zayn Malik revealed to Top Of The Pops: ‘Once we were in Liverpool doing a radio tour & when we pulled up in the car park underneath the radio station we noticed that someone had stuck..

a sanitary towel [‘pad’ (tampon) for Americans] with her name on it on the side of the car! It certainly got our attention but we probably wouldn’t want anyone doing that again.’

  • Anonymous

    A pad and a tampon are two very completely different things.

  • kristin6410

    Sanitary towel… thats an odd name… anywayssss if i were them i wouldnt wanna take it clean or not

  • threelittlebirds

    that’s gross. you couldn’t find anything else to write your name on?

  • Anonymous

    I hope it wasn’t used…..that’s disgusting

  • Anonymous

    ewww! Why would a girl do that. No better than throwing tampons at harry’s head. Used or not it is still odd and gross

  • Anonymous

    Zayn is so very much HOT
    I just melt when I see his pic

  • SoofsSew