Max George ‘Maybe Louis Fancies Us?’


The Wanted chatted with MTV about their One Direction feud. Max George: ‘We haven’t said anything,’ Jay McGuiness:’I think it takes two to tango but I get why. The press always like whip stuff up. Like, no one means it and they’ll ask you what do you think of their song and you say ‘I like it, but I wouldn’t buy it’ and then the next day, you read ‘The Wanted would never buy a One Direction song’.’

It was always gonna happen and obviously now, [Louis has] like bitten a chomp off but we are gonna see him in New York, and just chat and see exactly what’s happened.’ Max: ‘It’s quite boring now. To be fair, it’s Louis though.

It doesn’t seem to be any of the others. I mean Liam had a bit of a dig but I don’t really care. Louis seems to be the one who has a lot to say for some reason I don’t know what it is. Maybe he fancies one of us or something?’

  • SubwayToVenus

    One direction sucks, The wanted is the best and Louis is gay.

  • damselchelle

    He looks like an overgrown fetus.

  • Anonymous

    The Wanted Speak evil of all. Now speaking of them are deserving. Bunch of shit! One Direction is the best of the world!

  • Anonymous

    I’d much rather prefer to see him clothed!

  • Anonymous

    Haha ‘they are so negative’. Give me a break alright? They talked shit about Christina A. because she was an actual bitch to them, something you would know if you had actually researched it. Go watch some videos of TW and you can see The Wanted saying really honourable things about one direction ok? I’m actually a fan of both bands and the main reason this so called ‘feud’ keeps being brought up, is because of fans who say things like you just did.
    ‘They aren’t even goodlooking’ … It’s ok if you think that, but what the fuck does that have to do with anything? Their looks are completely irrelevant in this situation. The fact that you used this as an argumentation just shows me how immature YOU actually are.
    If you actually gave them a chance, i’m 100% sure you’d change your mind about them having shitty personalities. They’re just as nice as 1D.

  • Anonymous

    don’t like the wanted attitude

  • Anonymous

    The wanted started it, why do they have to put it on 1D?

  • kat

    seriously this is why the wanted isn’t getting anywhere with there career. They are so negative, the only time i hear from them is when i see headlines of the talking shit on someone, from the top of my head i can remember britney spears, christina a, and of course one direction. I would give them the benefit of the doubt but they do it all the time. I cant even think of another time one d talks bad about anyone else. The sad part is that the wanted is what a decade older than the boys they should be more mature. Its hard to even take them seriously, they arent even good looking and it doesnt help when they show off their shitty personalities.


    WHAT THE FUK IS THAT PICTURE ?? The wanted … I just like their songs , they think being dirty and stupid will make them famous well they’re just a bunch of losers who need to get a life.. On the other hand one direction are just amazing, they’re funny and truly loved by the fans not like some crappy band who can barely make people laugh .. and if we compare the voices .. well we cant cuz one direction are all the way up …and if u think they’re “TALENTLESS!!” mmm… How do you want me to hit you? With the Brit, the 3 TCA’s, 3 TA’s, 3 VMA’s, 3 KDA’s, or the 2 EMA’s?

  • Sparks

    That photo like WTFLMAO!

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  • Anonymous

    The Wanted are always saying that they want to put it behind them but THEY KEEP BRINGING IT UP. im not saying it as a bad thing but talking about 1D brings attention to the wanted. and they definitely know that. but whatever. it’s business. that’s just how it works. yeah, louis’ a little more butthurt than the rest but he’s the oldest and probably the most protective over what others say about him and the boy. he’s always been like that. Louis will stop if the wanted just STOP talking about it. but they always bring it up! i can admit im slightly biased because Im a total one direction fan but this is just my opinion.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    oceanup why did you have to put this picture of Max? -_- can’t you use another picture? -_-

  • Anonymous

    I honestly love both The Wanted and One Direction, but I’m kinda on The Wanted’s side on this. Like, Louis always talks badly about them even though the wanted keeps praising one direction and their success.

  • Anonymous

    Louis is the one with the big mouth. Zayn followed the wanted main account recently and harry followed tom’s account.

  • Anonymous

    This is bullshit

  • Anonymous

    Lol I think they know that Louis is going to react to that comment, they’re just trying to piss each other of,..

  • Anonymous

    “Like, Louis always talks badly about them even though the wanted keeps praising one direction and their success.”

    Louis is a wanker, I agree, but the Wanted are wankers too and actually started this feud.

  • Anonymous

    One Direction > The Wanted

  • Who Can Actually Sing?

    One Direction < The Wanted