McFly ‘We Gave One Direction Best Song’


ARGENTINA interview under! Tom Fletcher revealed to Huffington Post about the headline this morning was ‘McFly Give One Direction Their Sh*t Songs': ‘They’d used our quotes which were jokes.. once one person prints that, it’s everywhere. It can ruin your relationship with them and it doesn’t shine a good light on me as a song writer.

The fact is, we give away songs that we really would like for ourselves.’ Dougie: ‘When we were recording that we were recording our own songs at the same time and that was the best one. We were gutted we were giving it away. The song is ‘I Would’. Listen under!

Tom: ‘It always has to be specially for that person and we only want to write for people who we like and have a connection with, which is why One Direction are perfect because they’re our favourite boyband.’

Tom on recording with 1D: ‘It was all very relaxed. It was a nice day so we had a BBQ, Harry burnt the sausages and I had to take over. Our philosophy when recording is just to have fun, it doesn’t matter if it takes three hours and a BBQ and ten minutes of vocals, you’ll get a better result than if you spend 5 hours slogging it out. The fun to work ratio has to outweigh work.’

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    McFly are the shit.

  • Anonymous

    Mcfly also wrote Irresistible and I want. They’re amazing songwriters and musicians, and even better human beings.

    I don’t know why the states didn’t show any interest in them until this days and because of One Direction… they deserve better.

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    these* sorry about that.

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    they are way better than any band right now.