Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 Berlin Premiere


@ CineStar Berlin, Germany. PR Photos.

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  • ceeeral

    just got back from the cinema after seeing this, and would defiantly go see it again! amazing twist..

  • ceeeral

    from what i know, this kinda is the last one..
    and if they were how you say ‘stupid’ then why have they been so successful and won a hell of a lot of nominations.. and why have they even bothered to make all these sequels if it was terrible and the acting bad.. i mean, yeah you may not like them but please go take your remarks to some place that they would be accepted.

  • Anonymous

    They should stop making the twilight shit its so 2009 2010 no one cares about those stupid vampire movies anymore

    Kristin is boring as fuck reminds me of selena but little bit sluty her both of her male CO-stars are bad actors with ok looks

  • Anonymous
    This is the new worst song ever..
    Grats Nicole Westbrook……….

  • Anonymous

    I love that the poser behind them on the first picture says:


    Very apt, very apt indeed.

  • Anonymous

    not their fault, that the german word die (=the) has another meaning in english^^