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    For the last time, I have been working extensively with my church to help these suffering individuals. They don’t need money donations. I have a friend of a friend that works for the American red cross, and only 10 cents of every dollar goes to the cause, everything else goes to advertisement and administrative fees for the organization. I am not knocking the red cross, I have gotten some medical training from them, they care about people, but what they really need isn’t money and occasional assistance,

    FEMA and the red cross have only been to large cities and heavily populated areas. What about the people suffering alone in small towns? There aren’t many of them, according to these organizations, so they feel there is no need to check out and assess the damages. People are really hurting – we are talking no homes, homes still flooded, no food, waterlogged cars, no supermarkets, and no way of getting food and water because they are closed and the food is spoiled,

    They need food, water, blankets, shelter, and most importantly, to know that someone out there still cares about them. I have been on trips with my church and volunteered to help these people, and you won’t believe how much they are grateful to the united Methodist churches, because the churches are the ones giving themselves in servitude and holding up the roofs so to speak in the areas where FEMA and the red cross won’t dare to go or have ignored.

    If these celebs really want to help these victims, these survivors, they should invest a small portion of their money in these necessities, and donate them to either the Methodist church conferences or to the victims to themselves (because we have had cases where people have donated items to other organizations, and the people never received them.)

    They can do this, or better yet, get on one of their private jets and go to the affected areas and ACTUALLY provide themselves as a service and saving grace for the hurting by helping them to rebuild their communities and homes. Celebrities say how much they care and how much they want to help, but most have an elitist attitude that they are “too good” to help God’s hurting people when they have the greatest means of doing so.

    I am not wealthy, I am a struggling. American just like anyone else out there, but compared to these victims I have realized that I have so much that I can give to them. Not in the way of money (I don’t have much,) but I have my health, two hands, two feet, and transportation. Sometimes that’s all we need to help others. And two knees on which to pray.

    God bless all of the people affected by Sandy. God loves you, and God’s people stand with you. xxxx

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    And God bless the community leaders and the people reaching out by themselves to help their hurting neighbors. Your services speak loudly and resonate with the suffering more than you could ever know.

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    PS – and by working to hlelp, I mean hammering frames of houses together, removing house insulation saturated with water, laying down new insulation, painting, dry walling, spackling, sanding, vacuuming, polishing floors, putting in windows, doors, etc., and delivering food, water, and thanksgiving turkeys to the affected families. And I am only a (almost) 22 year old woman. The individuals are what make the difference!