Taylor Swift American Music Awards 2012


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  • ety

    no over red lipstick. I love the look on her :)

  • Anonymous

    LMAO that interview. taylor deals with awkward/overly-passionate fangirls better than most.

  • Anonymous

    Wow since she broke up with connor she is starting to dress like her old self again.

  • SubwayToVenus


  • Evas

    Gorg dress, lovely shoes, pretty makeup and beautiful hair :-)

  • GoldenGirlJr

    I’m not a lesbian and if i were, i probably wouldn’t go for her, but she looks actually sexy here! She actually looks like she owns this mother fuck*r.

  • Anonymous

    I swear shes not real cuz nobody ca actually look and be this FLAWLESS and GORGEOUS

  • Anonymous

    Dont know if its real, but if so good luck to Directioners who believe they stand a chance against Taylor for Harry Styles Affection cuz this girl is Beautiful and you’re gonna need it!!!

  • Anonymous

    omg she’s so beautiful :)

  • Anonymous

    perfect <3 love the dress

  • Anonymous

    Wow, she looks stunning here.

  • Anonymous

    she looks absolutely STUNNING and if you don’t think so then you are blind as a bat! she is freaking gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Stunning queen.

  • Lola

    second hand embarrassment when that girl interviewing taylor was fan girling…

  • ihavefunn31

    she looks so beautiful

  • Anonymous

    Shrieked with excitement over a small bowl of candy. Need to tone it down–no you need to grow up!!!

  • Anonymous

    why should she change? growing up is not about giving up your childish side. that’s more what teens do TRYING to act all grown up. it’s about enjoying your childish side.

  • Anonymous

    she’s gorgeous and comes off as quite a happy and silly person… people hate that. they’d rather see a pretty girl like this stumbling out of clubs, reportedly on a coke binge, dealing with nude photo scandal, etc.

  • justthat

    yup, i think so too, she would be the underdog in real life.

  • Anonymous

    Gawjuss. (:

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