• DaTrurh

    Lol he think he looks cool but he looks like he’s cheating Selena with himself… Seriously. Used to like him but now he just takes pics of himself shirtless or whatever and posting them to instagram thinking how gorgeous he is.. And the picture of him “sleeping” – he thinks we don’t know he’s actually wide awake?? What’s the point seriously.


  • Anonymous

    He looks stupid especially in the 3rd one. He looked
    Better before than before. He thinks he looks good but he just looks stupid

  • Anonymous


    i just watched all these videos and like… his back up dancers be going OFF. every single one of em especially the blond one. i woulda had to fire her cuz she stay stealing justin’s spotlight tho on the low lol

  • Anonymous

    that was so…….. boring

  • Sparks

    One more of his talents! Taking photos while sleeping. YOU ARE PERFECT KIDRAUHL!

  • NarrySex

    add me to that!

  • Anonymous

    anons, you should go teach him a naughty gay lesson

  • Beh

    Lol ! who’s in the whole world take a picture of him while sleeping
    this is stupid !

  • Anonymous

    looks very much like he took the picture himself. did the same when I was about 12 xD

    before I scrolled down and saw the complete picture it looked like he was over a huge pile or cocain or something xD

  • Anonymous

    He looks stupid

  • Anonymous

    Especially the third picture.. He thinks he looks good but he doesn’t
    In fact he looked better before than no. Stupid skinny boy

  • anons

    he looks adorauhl