Rob Kristen Have Baby, Jelena Gets Nasty

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  • Ericab

    So this is like the 5th baby already! Tabloids should be renamed as bulllsshiitt

  • NarrySex


  • Anonymous

    why do i get the feeling that if they really said something about a baby they were joking and talking about the movie baby

  • Anonymous

    Come on guys! This is more horrifically photo-shopped than Nicki Minaj’s videos!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    OMG this is so funny!!! ‘inside their nursery’ I mean seriously?????

  • Anonymous

    HELLOOOO!! OU are you going to post the story for us to read or..

  • Anonymous

    Was OK! a reliable source? Or is this just bullshit?

    //higest eyebrow raise of ALL DA TIME

  • Speaking Hypothetically


  • Anonymous

    I guess that make-up after the break-up really shook things up ;]

  • Anonymous

    Check it out guys! New Rebecca Black!
    Nicole Westbrook – It’s Thanksgiving

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The baby is from Rupert :) jk jkj jk xD

  • xAskTaylorx

    OMG! Congrats to Kristin and Rob on your new baby! -___-

  • Anonymous

    The baby is from Rupert jk jkj jk xD

    I immediately thought the samething.

  • bleach


    it has to be bullshit