Harry Styles Mom Uses Him To Sell Car


Harry Styles’ mom Anne Cox used her son’s name to sell her Mini Cooper for £6,000 on online auction website eBay after describing it as ‘owned by Harry Styles’ mum’ in an attempt to gain larger bids for the vehicle. Ahw even promised to meet the eventual buyer of the car, which was bought by the 18-year-old singer as a Mother’s Day present last year, as an extra incentive to encourage people to bid, as well as adding a picture of Harry driving the convertible.

The vehicle’s description on eBay reads: ‘Harry Styles of One Direction bought this stunning car for his mum Anne as a Mother’s Day present in 2011. The lucky winner can have the car handed over by Anne who will be delighted to meet the new owner. The car is located at my garage and not at Anne’s house, so please do not come here expecting to see Anne. That privilege will be reserved for the lucky winning bidder. Don’t miss out on this unique car and photo opportunity.’

The vehicle was eventually snapped up last Thursday by a woman from Newcastle upon Tyne, who was attracted to the Mini Cooper thanks to Harry’s name. Anne’s car dealer friend Dave told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ‘It was a woman from Newcastle who bought it. I think Harry’s name caught her eye. Anne will be meeting her when she comes down to pick it up.’

Harry’s sister Gemma revealed there were a few ‘worrying’ bids from confused fans. She wrote on her Twitter page: ‘Several worrying responses. You do know it’s illegal to sell people?’

  • Anonymous

    Does she think that she’s a celebrity that people would be desperate to meet her, and the lucky winner will get the “golden opportinity?

  • Anonymous

    One would think they have enough money without having to do this .. I would understand it if it was for charity but this way .. Well, whatever.

  • Anonymous

    Why in the world would you sell your son’s mother’s day gift? She should at appreciate it for more than a year, jeez.

  • Anonymous

    Desperate much?
    And who sells a mothers day gift?