Jennette McCurdy On END OF ICARLY

  • Anonymous

    I have mixed feelings about iGoodbye..

    I mean on one hand the episode was super cute and I love the Spencer x Sam scenes.. Also, I think they all did great and it was emotional.

    but on the other hand the Creddie kiss was ridiculous like what the hell???? Carly never showed any feelings for Freddie and suddenly she likes him?? And unless she fucking loved him she shouldn’t have kissed her best friend’s ex who she clearly has major feelings for. And you know what? I take that back EVEN if Carly Loved Freddie she has no right to kiss him!! She always had him and she never showed any interest so when he moves on and dates Sam she kisses him?? Ugh!!!

    And don’t even get me started on the Seddie “You wanna get back together?” scene! What was the point of that?? What hurts the most was Sam’s reaction .. Poor Sam. Ughhhhhhhh

    I’m never ever gonna watch a kids TV show again!!!
    I blame myself for this disappointment.. I mean I’m 17 I shouldn’t even be that obsessed with iCarly but I am… and It’s embarrassing.

    Anyway, iGoodbye was great (Except for the fact the Creddie was endgame) it made me laugh and cry and I enjoyed every single episode.

    I will never forget this show. Goodbye childhood. Thanks to Nick, Dan (Even though he’s a troll.) and the iCarly cast.

    Time to let go now.


  • Anonymous

    ^ WHOAH. THAT’S LONG!! Sorry. lol.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and I love Jennette she’s so adorable and talented and I just LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!

  • Sparks

    She’s so pretty :) iGoodbye was so sad!! And it ended Creddie like what the f*ck! lmao so random. I’m so excited for Sam & Cat now :)

  • Anonymous

    Miranda will go to the university now.