McFly, ‘One Direction Is A Phenomenon’

GLEE version of ‘Live While We’re Young’ under! One Direction won ‘Artista mas popular en Telehit’ and Mejor grupo Pop Internacional Premios. Thx Ariana! Liam Payne told Parade that he is too ‘lazy’ to buy his bandmates presents.

‘I don’t think we’ve ever bought each other a Christmas present. If it’s somebody’s birthday, I have to arrange the present, always late because I’m a bit lazy. I’m not about to become the Christmas Man as well. That’s too many jobs.’

Niall: ‘I’ll probably go home to Ireland and do the same thing as every year, drink, eat and sleep a lot. [I will] just chill out, become fat. We always go to the pub on Christmas Eve.’

  • Anonymous

    Niall got hacked. There’s a pic of him smoking and jerking off (even when you don’t see any peen) leaked by Beliebers.