Taylor Swift’s Trick To Wear Red Lipstick

Taylor Swift shared tips on how to keep red lipstick off your teeth: ‘There’s a trick to it. You put it on, blot one time, powder your lips and blot again, reapply the red lipstick and then cover with a tissue again and power through the tissue. I decided I need to learn more and as a 22-year-old musician,

I wanted to go and do almost like an apprenticeship with Max Martin and Shellback and Ed Sheeran and (Snow Patrol’s) Gary Lightbody. I heard Ed’s music for the first time when I was on tour in Australia last year and when I got home I told my management I wanted to write with him and it turned out Ed and I were reaching out to each other at the same time.

Ed and I had hung out with my friends having jam sessions and singing Snow Patrol songs and he knew I was a huge fan. Then one day he asks if his friend Gary could come by and Gary Lightbody came by and listened to the song Ed and I had written and he said he wanted to work on the record too. And then I passed out.’ More interviews under!

  • Anonymous

    i love this song. but watching her sing in onstage is so un-“taylor swifty” if that makes any sense? hahahaha. i still love her, its just so different! NOT a bad thing.

  • You Were Thinking It

    Her song with Gary Lightbody is one of the best on the album, love it :)