Actor Shia LaBeouf was seen grabbing a coffee and smokes while filling up at

the pump in Los Angeles, California on December 2, 2012. Photos: FameFlynet.

  • Anonymous

    man he looks horrible! what happened to him?

  • Anonymous

    crack is wack

  • Anonymous

    Coffee and cigarettes are my only escape
    I got my cup of Joe, my pack of stokes
    And I’m on my way down town
    To set up shop, and sing my cares away
    So won’t you sing with me
    Cause it’s cold outside, and I’m feeling kinda lonely

    Friday nights are always the same in this town
    I’m looking up, but I’m feeling kinda down
    So I’ll light this cigarette, and smoke the night away
    And I’ll hope that saturday will be the day
    When everything feels okay

    Ba da da da Ba da da da da
    Ba da da da da da da da da

  • xoxo

    He really let himself go! I bet if he shaved that hiatus beard he’d be much more cleaner looking.

  • PornStar

    Puberty was very unkind. He looks like a pornstar!

  • jadaxonickj

    lol crocs. um no.