Miley Cyrus, ‘It’s Mommy Time!’


Wish she would get pregnant instead of new dogs constantly! Miley Cyrus loved kissing Josh Bowman when they filmed scenes for new movie So Undercover. Miley said: ‘He’s so cute. I had this scene where I had to tell him, ‘Your balls are amazing,’ and I got so awkward doing it.

I also had to kiss him in our first scene together. It was fabulous. Making money to kiss Josh? Hello, best job ever. The next day I was handcuffing him to a radiator and sitting on him. It’s not really romantic. Especially when the crew yell, ‘Hold it longer, tongue her’ as you kiss.’

  • Anonymous

    Omg I’m laughing so hard at OU right now, Miley never even said that lol, she talked about josh, said he was cute and said shooting that handcuff scene was awkward. Spreading lies for a living, are your parents proud?

  • BrokenArrow

    Her dogs seem to have a good life :P

  • Anonymous

    Ziggy piggys face is too adorable. Her dogs are well loved and taken care off.

  • Anonymous

    why don’t you get pregnant and let her do whatever she wants.

  • Anonymous

    finding it kinda funny that Rita Ora cheated on Rob with 20 guys… of them must have been Nick.

  • Anonymous

    Wait.. WHAT?? ^^

  • SlimShady

    Loling. Best job ever

  • Anonymous

    Lol @ “your balls are amazing”

  • Anonymous

    ‘Your balls are amazing,’
    hahahaha dope.

    But true OC, she should get pregs, i would love to see that child. imagine how beautiful. lmao

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