Miley So Undercover UK Ticket Giveaway!

We are giving away one pair of movie tickets (2) to ONE lucky UK reader to see Miley’s movie So Undercover! So Undercover hits UK theaters Friday, December 7th. UK residents ONLY. To enter comment below with your twitter name! You MUST be following us (@oceanUP) to win.

Movie tickets are courtesy of @TeamMileyTX & @TeamMileyNews. Winner chosen and announced Tuesday night at 12:00AM PST. For details and UK listings that are playing So Undercover, see UNDER! Missing Miley’s weave…

The movie tickets will be purchased via @TeamMileyTX and @TeamMileyNews. Only UK residents are eligible. Upon winning, we will DM you with further information. Tickets vouchers will be purchased for you via your local theater’s website which is playing So Undercover. For UK theater listings of So Undercover, see HERE and click ‘view the list’


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