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Demi Lovato X-Factor Party With Nick J?


Nick Jonas rumored to be at X-Factor viewing party with Demi Lovato.

Emblem3 Drew on comparison to One Direction with Forever Young cover: ‘You can imagine why I’m a little skeptical about it. There’s already so many people comparing us to One Direction. This is just.. it’s gonna cause so much shit.’

On ‘I’m A Believer’ cover: ‘We took a lot of heat for it. It wasn’t like, hate or anything, it was disappointment. It’s like, ‘Man, we really liked you guys. It sucks that you’re selling out.’ Compared to our first audition..’

Wesley: ‘It’s literally like 98 percent of people loved our first audition and on this one, it’s like 70-30. It’s huge difference of likes and dislikes. It’s progressively getting more and more hate.’

Demi: ‘I just don’t understand what Simon’s doing with you guys.. Those boys lost their spark.’ Drew: ‘It’s so far away from our style.. We’re the opposite of One Direction. It make


Selena Gomez Shopping In Beverly Hills


+ Selena’s holiday postcard. Via SelenaGomez.Com.BR.


Demi Lovato Instagram, Cece Sent Home

Follow Demi HERE! Watch Cece getting eliminated under!