Zayn Malik, ‘I Want More Tattoos’


Harry Styles to Top of the Pops on who spends most time looking in mirror before going on stage: ‘Louis! Before we go on stage he looks in every reflective surface, fixing his hair. I’ve never seen anyone use so much hairspray.’

Zayn is scared of flying: ‘I was terrified of flying when we started. Before the band I’d never been on a plane which was sad and depressing. One time we got up into the air and Louis turned to me and said: ‘This is where the plane does the loop de loop’. I believed it, it was really scary. I was so gullible, I nearly cried.’

On tattoos: ‘I’ve got loads of ideas, I draw as well. I’m more addicted to coming up with ideas for tattoo, rather than the tattoo itself.’ Harry: ‘I was obsessed with S Club Juniors when I was younger. It was when I was small and had a bowl haircut. I might do that again and bring it back.

Live Royal Variety performance under!

Teen Now scans Via OneDirectionFans.Net.

  • Anonymous

    I love him but hate his tattoos

  • Anonymous

    No -_____-

  • Anonymous

    lou looks fit … i want boo bear to be mine !!!

  • Anonymous

    It really wouldn’t be so bad if the tattoos had meaning to them, and they were well drawn. I particularly hate that huge Mic and the “zap” lettering. Why Zayn, why!?! I’m like – “dang boy, get some posters or a sketch pad! Don’t scribble all over your body!”But my voice will never be heard so I’ll just look at the old pics and hope the tattoo needle doesn’t’t go near his beautiful face.

  • Anonymous