Kristen Stewart Top Inspiring Star Of 2012


Kristen Stewart featured in E! Online‘s Best of 2012 Top 10 Most Inspiring Stars of the Year: What do you do when you screw up, and get caught? If you’re the Twilight actress, you apologize, put your head down and do your work, even if..

doing your work means putting you in front of the same people, the press and the public, who spent their summer scrutinizing and criticizing your every move. It may not be the classic feel-good tale, but it’s a blueprint nonetheless on how to take your lumps.

  • Anonymous

    Inspiring? Wow, this world is upside down. Let it be known that I have no judgements on what kstew gets up to in her personal life. that being said, I think it’s ridiculous that she is being praised doing what she *should do.( not to mention the pictures made it hard for her to ignore what she/they did anyway). We should be inspired by people who are selfless and have displayed great acts of kindnesss, not someone who was aight on camera doing something they shouldn’t have which kind of forced them to address it. that’s a backwards logic!