Jelena MOST SEARCHED Breakup 2012

Source: 1. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez 2. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart 3. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes 4. Caroline Flack and Harry Styles 5. Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis 6. Heidi Klum and Seal

7. Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid 8. Michelle Keegan and Max George 9. Katherine Jenkins and Gethin Jones 10. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Congratulations to Jelena on making a fake breakup so popular!


  • oceanUP

    they grew from brother sister to boyfriend girlfriend, it can happen!

  • kristin6410

    Justin saying his laptop got stolen and making a fake profile to play a prank on his fans was funny and a prank okay…

    but faking a that is just low like really …. I lost some respect after that just SMH!

  • Anonymous

    i like them together i’m glad they are still together
    i hate that rob and kristen are back together… i dont like her

  • SlimShady

    As fake as Heidi Montag’s boobs.

  • Anonymous

    Publicity stunt!!!

  • joejonassmile

    “Congratulations to Jelena on making a fake breakup so popular!”
    Lol…OU I laughed a lot at that line…hehehehe…

  • anons


  • BrokenArrow

    omg he looks so young

  • Anonymous

    Selena looks like a babysitter

  • Takes1toKno1

    i still don’t believe it.

  • sxydmncngirl1

    Ohh boyyy and they will break up foreal if this is true…i believe they talking about justin bieber and barbara palvin who were in miami at the same time while the bies hosted the y100 jingle ball in miami…

  • sxydmncngirl1

    And he is the only young celebrity touring right now…Got the clue because of the “tour bus”

  • Anonymous

    lol,not were shocked and in disbelief while haters wanted to make sure it was official so they could jubilate.

  • N

    He looks about 7 there.. hahaha

  • Anonymous

    Fake…amen to that!

  • Anonymous

    And they didn’t…

  • Anonymous
    guys! if you do (or don’t) ship haylor and know for a fact that taylor swift writes songs from her breakups.. you should totally watch this! it’s so accurate! bhahahah

  • Anonymous

    He looks so young.

  • Anonymous

    Omg ew he looked like her little brother there. Wtf selena

  • Anonymous

    ahh that gif makes me cringe!

  • Anonymous

    Well they deserve an award.