1D 10 Most Fascinating People Interview

One Direction going solo? Louis: ‘Me, personally, I wouldn’t do it.’ Niall: ‘We’re.. we’re together now, and that’s, I think, that’s it. Yeah, it’s like you’d be doing wrong.’ Zayn: ‘No way. It’s not even, like, a question.

We’d just be like, ‘No, I’m not doing it.’ Liam: ‘I don’t think five years is such a short time [On other boyband breakups]’. Louis: ‘We are just having an absolutely amazing time and I think it would be wrong to look at it thinking ‘When is this going to end?’ At this moment, we’re having a great time.

Barbara: ‘How old is older women? 23?’ Harry ‘Yeah.’

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    10 Most Fascinating GAYS