One Direction Onesies/ Singing Toothbrush


One Direction will have a Brush Buddies Singing Toothbrush: ‘We are thrilled to announce One Direction as the second music group in our portfolio and are particularly excited about launching in their home countries. Our products have become known for representing artists in their unique style and our packaging allows consumers to play the two songs on each brush while maintaining the product in a safe hygienic shell while in-pack.’

UnderCurrent is releasing One Direction headphones, the new range of fully licenced One Direction headphones (RRP $39.95) and in-ear earphones (RRP $29.95). One Direction onesies have an individual hand print on them and a giant one on the back, or there’s a different one overed in loads of hand prints from them all. They cost £99,

Also Danielle broke up with Liam: ‘It was actually Danielle who broke up with him. He’s really missed her and has been trying to keep himself busy on nights out, but it’s just not him.’ They got back together in New Yorkl Danielle had agreed to fly to the Big Apple with Eleanor Calder.

They talked and realized how much they missed each other. He had to work hard to win her back, convincing her that nothing happened with Leona and explaining his behaviour over the last few weeks: ‘She still hates all the baggage that comes with being a One D girlfriend, but she’s never stopped loving him and they’re now happily back together.’

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    I would totally wear that lol

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    What an ugly invention but that seems soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo f***ing comfortable…