1D Arriving In US, On X-Factor Tomorrow


Camila and Harmony from Fifth Harmony have a crush on Harry Styles. At the press conference they answered the celebrity crush question: ‘One.. two.. three, Harry Styles!’ One Direction’s writers revealed that they want their music to be ‘vanilla’ so as to appeal to as many people as possible.

Savan Kotecha: ‘It felt like everyone tried to do boybands by going to the cool, hip producers who were coming up. We wanted to make it very vanilla. You’re aiming for teens and tweens with boyband guilty pleasure music. We weren’t trying to be urban or rhythmic, and they happened to share the same vision.’

Each of the songs have signature riffs, something so people can play YouTube versions of our songs. We wanted to do something where we didn’t copy any thing right off. We’re trying to do our own thing a little bit, even if it’s just the guitar parts.’

Tune in WED DEC 19 to see Carly Rose Sonenclar, Fifth Harmony, and Tate Stevens perform in the final. Then tune into the two-hour finale on THU DEC 20 to watch 1D perform KISS YOU! + bonus pic from Louis’ birthday.

1D were NUMBER ONE Most Searched on Teen Vogue this year!

  • Loveislove

    I bet you they probably don’t even want to perform at the X Factor, and would give anything to not be controlled by Simon anymore. I kinda feel sorry for them

  • Anonymous

    Well I heard they a new single coming out so it makes sense theyre appearing again plus its the finale.

  • Anonymous

    Again ? Please kill me. I’m tired about them. #nohate

  • Anonymous

    damn simon is pimping them like crazy. how many times are they going to appear on xfactor like stop

  • Anonymous

    last time they was on xfactor haylor was created hahaha

  • AnonLovesPretzels

    Camila and Harmony from Fifth Harmony have a crush on Harry Styles

    OU u okay?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Why do they gave to go AGAIN on X Factor!?? enough now geez

  • Anonymous

    one direction again? please shoot me now. I loved when Bruno Mars perfomed.

  • Anonymous

    Simon Cowell always has to remind us that 1D started of from X Factor. We get it! Stop shoving them in our faces. I watched the X factor UK and USA and had to sit through 1Ds performance and now the US performance. This is why some people already find them overrated.

  • Anonymous

    I think after this 8 month tour they’re gonna be done for some time.. Theyre management is burning them out… Let em breathe a little god damn