Zendaya Bella Thorne Seventeen Shoot


  • Anonymous

    There is just something so unlikable about Bella Thorne. I don’t see her having a significant career. No talent. No fans.

  • Alex

    You must be living under a rock then, because Bella has millions of fans & she wouldn’t be where she is today without any talent.

    Stop being so jealous :) If you’re trying to bring her down, it’s only because she’s above you.

  • Anonymous

    Zendaya is so pretty ????

  • Anonymous

    your mom says hi

  • Anonymous

    Oh please. That’s why her posts get so many comments right? I’ve seen more people say they don’t like her on her than people admit that they do. She got where she is today because she was casted on a Disney show. Little kids will watch it and then eventually move on and forget about her. Btw, I have no desire to be in a public position for a career, and I don’t find her to be very attractive or talented. So please tell me, what am I jealous of?

  • Anonymous

    Zendaya >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Bella

    Tbh, I don’t hate Bella but I agree there is something about her that is so unlikable. I mean all famous people have fans, that doesn’t take away the truth whether or not they may or may not deserve it. But whateve, fangirl over whoever.

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