Liam Payne Calls Harry Styles ‘Dirty Harry’

Liam Payne’s nickname for Harry Styles is ‘Dirty Harry’, reports Daily Star: ‘Liam joked that they should all start calling him Dirty Harry after Clint Eastwood in the movie. So that was it, he was Dirty Harry all night. He didn’t seem to mind at all they were saying it had a double meaning given his exploits with the women.’

Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm told Heat about One Direction: ‘They seem to be breaking America, which we were lucky enough to do. My advice would be just enjoy it, because so often with success like that, it’s over so quickly. Really enjoy every minute of it. Try and take it all in, because it’s crazy.

With pop bands, [fame] is often so short-lived you have to take every opportunity that you can, and it is hard. I would say that you have to rest as much as you can. I think it’s harder for boys as well, but there’s lots of evidence that they like a bit of a party. There’s no time for hangovers, really. It can be difficult, but I have no sympathy. Just enjoy it.’

Haylor’s parents met via Skype: ‘Harry and Taylor spoke online up to five times a day while they were apart. They got their families involved too, so it wasn’t just them locked inside their bedrooms for hours on end. It was a good opportunity to familiarize their families as they were all together at Christmas.’

Pictures from Louis Tomlinson’s New Year’s Eve house party.

UPDATE: New Kiss You music video preview under!!