AnnaSophia Robb Teen Vogue Cover Girl


AnnaSophia Robb is the new Carrie Bradshaw: ‘I think I was made to live in New York. I love it. I love being able to walk everywhere. And there’s so much going on. I actually get a little nervous on the weekends, wondering what to do and who to hang out with.

When I used to watch Gossip Girl or Sex and the City, I thought the things that happened were totally exaggerated. But then I got here and realized they’re not. That’s what it’s really like!’

She managed to live a ‘real girl’ life in Denver: ‘I loved high school. Everyone always asks me if the other kids treated me differently because of my career, but they didn’t. If you act weird, people are going to treat you weird, but if you’re just yourself, people respond to that.’

  • Anonymous

    i already got this teen vogue magazine like last week. looked through it, then tossed it in the garbage.

  • Anonymous

    Ummm, good for you? I wish we could toss you in the garbage.

  • BrokenArrow

    She super pretty!

  • Anonymous

    LOVE her! <3