Trace Cyrus Brenda Song Instagram Kiss


  • Amiga

    They are like the modern day John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

    I think they are such an adorable couple,and you can see the chemistry between them.

    Great pic.

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  • Sac Burberry

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  • Anonymous

    She’s back with tattoo turtleneck guy again? I thought they were done? WTF Brenda, you can do better than him.Why can’t you realize that.

  • Anonymous

    wtf guys o.O those tatoos are awesome!:D and they are so cute *-*

  • Anonymous

    Good for them!!!

  • A

    oh loooord no :| shes so beautiful and cute and all and then….THIS

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  • BrendaSongFan

    The answer to the age old question of whether you can ever have too many tattoos has been answered by Trace. The answer is Yes.

  • Anonymous

    yea.. you can’t even tell what the tatts are of

  • Anonymous

    eww…its going to be grosser when hes old and wrinkly

  • Anonymous

    okay this is weird.

  • Anonymous

    I think if the tats of the skulls were glow in the dark white, we’d have a winner. Even I would sleep with him, having all those vacant heads bobbing around me, while the spawn of evil drills me.

  • Anonymous

    I love them together.

  • Anonymous


    P.S London Tipton and Jackson Stewart forevah!!!

  • Anonymous

    and i thought lil wayne/wiz khalifa had the most tatts out there but then i saw this nd never mind

  • Anonymous

    My man, is going to regret having this many tattoos