‘One Direction Are Like The Spice Girls’

Former Take That singer Robbie Williams told NOW: ‘They’re quite a power together in the same way the Spice Girls were. The Spice Girls took over the world and won, and I think the One Direction boys have got a similar chemistry.

I don’t think Harry needs any tips from me. He’s a magnet, like I’ve never seen before. ..He’s beguiling and so are One Direction.’ Boyzone star Shane Lynch told The Sun: ‘I think Boyzone probably should have seen a psychiatrist at the height of our fame, but we didn’t.

We were young and it’s ridiculous when you look back. It’s a fierce, dangerous thing to be in as a kid. I remember fans nearly knocking in windows of our cars and jumping under the wheels to stop us moving. It is similar to what the One Direction lads are experiencing, that mayhem.

And you look at One Direction and there’s no easy way for them to find the road forward. A drink is a drink and if you can stick to a drink, then fair enough. But if you get sucked into a world of drugs then who knows, you have to go through that to find out.’

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