Bieber To Spoof Weed Smoking On SNL


Justin Bieber has given Saturday Night Live writers permission to spoof his pot smoking when he hosts on Feb. 9. He tweeted: so the word is out…it is true.. im Performing and HOSTING SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE on FEB 9th! GET READY! #NothingIsOffLimits #BELIEVE’

Do YOU think Bieby released to pot smoking pix to gain more fame?

LOL! Bieby is claiming he was ‘betrayed’ by the pot smoking pix! Photos have since emerged of Justin Bieber smoking what looks like a blunt in a Newport Beach, California, hotel room on Wednesday, according to TMZ. A source told New York Post: ‘Justin feels betrayed by someone who sold these pictures for $25,000 who he thought was a friend.’

Insider told Radar Online: ‘Bieber’s team is absolutely livid that Justin would be so stupid. Everything Justin does directly effects Scooter Braun’s career and his success. He feels like Justin should know better than to get caught up in all this.

Justin’s dad, who was pretty absent from his life until he made it big, is a horrible influence on him. Justin got his piercings and all the tattoos because of his dad, and while his camp can’t tell him to stay away from his father, they’re gently trying to limit Jeremy’s influence on Justin.’

  • Anonymous

    “Everything Justin does directly effects Scooter Braun’s career and his success.”

    it’s pissing me off that anyone thinks that justin’s LIFE should in any way shape or form be constructed or limited for the benifit of anybody’s career… even his own.

    this is justin’s life. his career is not all he has to accomplish in this world. why are people trying to stop someone’s personal growth by hiding behind the excuse that they really “just want what’s best for him”? if you want what’s best for justin, let him make his own choices, his own mistakes, and his own triumphs withOUT guilt tripping him over all this extra bull.

    TIME is our most valuable resource. it would be a pity to see justin waste his share of it trying to be somthing he’s not

  • BF

    That last part is bs, he has been there his whole life who ever makes this website needs to get there facts straight, all you guys do is make up stuff!

  • Anonymous

    That annoying queer is copying Miley when she went on SNL and brought up the bong/salvia!

  • Anonymous

    He’s finished, Flopin Bieber is over.

  • Anonymous

    Hasn’t been 2 weeks on this new year and this year has been bad to him, Flopin Bieber should give up and just disappear already.

  • Anonymous

    Come on guys oceanup is trying to make there story juicy for us so you don’t have to insult them

  • Anonymous

    Well, you know what they say in Canada, “A Dad’s come always rolls down the leg, and when it hits the shoe, he scrapes off, and it becomes a Bieber. Hahahahahahahahahaha!

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  • Speaking Hypothetically

    And some gullible people STILL believe he was only smoking a cigarillo. Smh.

  • Anonymous

    are you fucking stupid OCEANUP justin’s dad was there all his life, what the hell is wrong with you guys, everything you post is just made up shit, y’all know nothing and until you know the real truth you should really not post stuff. and you dont even know his dad, so you really should not be saying that he is a bad influence, you fucking dumb ass!!!!!!!!!

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    please someone tell the little boy to put his shirt back on it scaring the smaller children no wait I don’t think there is anyone smaller than him

  • Anonymous

    -Honey… who let the kid play with the dumbbells again..??