Austin Butler GLOW Magazine Gorgeous


The Carrie Diaries star Austin Butler who plays Sebastian featured on the cover of GLOW Magazine which recently featured his super sexual girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens.

On paparazzi chasing him and NESSA: ‘I’m so blessed to be in the position that I’m in, so I never want to complain, but the paparazzi constantly cross the line and are not only annoying, but disrespectful and dangerous.’

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  • Anonymous

    actually he looks like a very pretty girl. lovely blue eyes and smooth complexion.

  • Anonymous

    I think he looks hot. And he hasn’t been in the spotlight long so he’s workin his best assets.

    What’s wrong with his complexion? Would you rather he had acne?

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  • Anonymous

    He needs to learn how to pose. Or maybe not. In all these pix he looks sooooooooooooo gay. He’s posing like a gay model would pose. I mean, if he’s gay that’s fine. But if he’s not, why would he pose like this?

  • Anonymous

    I actually thought at one point that he was gay few years ago…

  • - atrl -


  • Anonymous

    i love how hes under the category “random dudes” lols

  • Anonymous

    Why Vanessa why? He must have a big…

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He must have a big…


  • Anonymous

    Vanessa has been with only hot guys…. lucky bitch. But Zac is still so much sexier than this guy and all other guys linked with Nessa. xP

  • Anonymous

    and all other guys linked with Nessa. xP

    What other guys? Vanessa’s been with Zac, Josh, and Austin.