One Student Shot In Taft, California School

Two students were taken to hospitals after a shooting Thursday morning at Taft Union High School, a Kern County sheriff’s official said. Sheriff’s spokesman Ray Pruitt said one victim was flown to Bakersfield for treatment. Officials were still trying to determine if the second student had been struck or was suffering from a stress-related ailment.

The suspected shooter was in custody and was also believed to be a student, and that a shotgun had been recovered from a building on campus where the shooting occurred. The incident was reported shortly after 9 AM in the city of Taft, a small town southwest of Bakersfield.

  • xAskTaylorx

    What the hell is wrong with the world?!? I hope that person is okay. “Right to bare arms” needs to change.

  • barbiescunt

    This is sad. And unfortunately liberals are going to use the to fuel their desire to change the amendment. Making guns illegal wouldn’t change anything for the positive. It’s already illegal to kill people, yet that doesn’t stop criminals. All it’s going to show is that if the govt doesn’t agree with our amended rights, they reserve the right to take them away. Next in line: Freedom of Speech. Lol never ending cycle of bullshit and sadness.

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  • AnonymousfromBako

    Never thought I’d see my town mentioned in one of your articles. My friend was a teacher at Taft, luckily she is fine

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with the world? :(

  • Anonymous

    I’m not completely sure, but isn’t this that school that X Factor did up a new music room for?

    So sad how many people have been going after children with guns lately.

  • Anonymous

    It was a student and a teacher. The student was airlifted.

  • Anonymous

    I love in bakersfield and it scares me how close to home this was! Goodness what’s with this world!

  • Anonymous


  • NarrySex

    i live there!this is scary and sad :(

  • NarrySex

    alot of people live near me,hey everyone in kern!

  • Anonymous

    This happened in my town! its horrible

  • Anonymous

    Honestly I kinda believe these shootings aren’t all just a coincidence… (a plan to further gun control and for the NWO to rise)

    But this is still awful to hear