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One Direction volunteered in Ghana for the Comic Relief charity. Niall said: ‘I’ve seen the slums right in front of me! This is no joke! They really need your help! Poverty is real! Massive thanks to @rednoseday for taking us to Ghana! It was incredible! Real eye opener! We take so much for granted over here!

Red Nose Day will take place on March 15. 1D were in pain filming ‘Kiss Me’ music video. iFlmmaker Vaughan Arnell told MTV: ‘The boys were in so much pain when we did the skiing scene because basically we had to get ski boots, drill them down into these little trollies that were pulled by ropes,

It was all human & mechanical. At the end of it, I really felt for them. We cleared about three or four takes because their shins were getting bashed & split. They said they would only [go shirtless] if I wore board shorts & did it with them. But I’m quite fat and quite lardy and have breasts and I was so nervous they were

going to make me take my clothes off and do it with them, but thank god I talked them out of it. You get this feeling the minute they start to sing or the minute they start to perform, they are giving each other little looks. Maybe Harry might tweak somebody’s nipples or something like that & the whole energy starts to build up.’

Friend told Daily Mail that Harry didn’t hook up with Hermione Way in Necker: ‘He has been very upset. He was into Taylor, and thought that they might make a go of it, although with the tour coming up it would have been pretty tough. In the end, he is a young guy who likes to party, and she is a bit quiet and serious, and they were on different pages when it came to what the romance actually was. He

is a nice lad who wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Harry is a bit like a kid in a sweetshop. He’s 18, rich, famous, good-looking and single. And he’s really, really interested in girls. And by girls, I do mean older women.’

Harry told friends: ‘I think that’s important. You don’t want to look back with any regrets. But, at the same time, if I met someone who I got on with and I liked, then who knows.’ His management said: ‘Harry is a handsome bloke, who is mature for his age, and there are a lot of older women out there who find him attractive. He is delighted that they do.

He is a normal 18-year-old, and what happens happens. We expect it to happen.’ Liam: ‘The mums are fearless. They will grab and pinch and it gets quite tricky.’ Niall Horan: ‘One mum was with her daughter, but whispered to me: “If you are looking for an older woman, then just give me a shout.”’

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    Can you stop with the “they were SO into each other” crap. They were fake and Harry looked like he couldn’t stand her.