Taylor Swift Cancels Italy Trip W/ Harry


Taylor Swift planned an Italy trip for then boyfriend Harry Styles, but has NOW CANCELED it due to emotional breakup. Haylor were going to stay at Palazzina Grassi hotel in Italy and were going to have their own private gondola for the entire stay. Source told The Sun:

Harry is pretty gutted about the whole thing, even though he’s putting on a cool front. Taylor organised an all-expenses-paid trip before the split. She arranged a private gondola for them for the entire time they would be there. He’s touched she went to so much trouble to arrange his birthday ahead of time.

Poor Swifty!


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    Relationship Runway Rant

    [Blind Gossip] This Girl is furious about her most recent failed relationship! Her anger is directed at two parties in particular: the guy with whom she recently broke up; and her management team, for getting her into this relationship in the first place.

    While her jet was being readied to whisk her off to her next location, she ranted to a friend about the coupling. She is mad at the guy because she feels that he didn’t hold up his end of the bargain. She called him a “F*cking idiot!” and “A bad actor” and complained that “He didn’t even f*cking try!” to make them look like a real couple. This is especially infuriating to her because his management team was the one that originally hatched the plan to set them up.

    She is also mad at her management team because this is not the first time they have set her up in a relationship that went wrong. When her friend questioned her why she continued to allow herself to be set up, she went ballistic.

    “Why?! Why?! Because we need the f*ing publicity, that’s why! And instead of getting good publicity, now I look like a f*cking slut!” She finished the conversation by declaring, “I’m done! I am never doing this again! I am ready to quit this whole f*cking thing!”

    The entire time she was saying this, Our Girl was pacing up and down near the runway, yelling and crying and gesturing to emphasize her fury. That’s a far cry from the sweet, together girl you see during performances and TV interviews.

    Oh, and given all this, we think it’s safe to say that this couple is never getting back together.


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  • duckyhoward15

    what is she going to quit singing or dating ?

  • Anonymous

    It should read emotional BREAKDOWN, not breakup.

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    NO SHIT!!!

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    Dude missed out. Take me, Taylor. :)

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    “Why?! Why?! Because we need the f*ing publicity, that’s why! And instead of getting good publicity, now I look like a f*cking slut!”

    Lmfao. Yeah, you do, Tay.

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    ‘Emotional breakup’ LMFAO. This whore is gonna have a meltdown someday.

  • NarrySex

    the relationship was staged to hide harrys love for nial anyway…

    maybe they can get that room ;)

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    Well, duh it would be canceled. What, did you expect her to bring her ex (for whom she has written 5 songs already) on her trip?

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    sucks to suck, taylor

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    Taylors cray cray

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    lol “Harry’s gutted” nah he has a VS model’s shoulder to cry on.

  • NarrySex

    hahahaha TAYHO was crazy and obssed his birthday is like in 2 months and they just stared ‘dating’