One Direction TOKYO FAN MEETINGS! Actress From Ghana Attacks Niall Horan


+ Harry wearings a SARS mask!

African actress Ama K Abebrese tweeted to: @NiallOfficial @onedirection Your tweets about the slums & poverty of Accra, Ghana was very touching.. however.. Next time, also tweet about the luxury hotel and VIP treatment and beauty of the country you enjoyed. I understand its for charity,

but this highly negative image of sub Saharan African countries like Ghana. that you choose to focus on without balance for the so many positive aspects to your millions of ff [sic] serve mostly to reinforce negative stereotypes. I have donated to @rednoseday and it does good work.

I live in the beautiful city of Accra, Ghana, and there is so much more to it than slums and poverty. so next time, please be #Balanced #ComeBetter There is more to Ghana, so much more.’

  • xxxsingxxx

    Why is she mad that he tweeted about poverty. Yes not the whole country is impoverished, but a huge part is. We need to raise awareness for the poverty not the “positive”. She sounds spoiled and ungrateful, begging for attention instead of supporting a great cause.

  • Anonymous

    The whole point of Comic Reilef is to raise money for people in places like Ghana who need it. There’s no point raising money for people that have loads. Comic Relief raises millions of pounds each year to help people have a better life so they don’t have to live in slums and have access to clean water. She says she’s donated to the charity so she should know how much Comic Relief does for people less fortunate than ourselves.

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    I hate that hat he wears haha

  • duckyhoward15

    Me too I miss his green one

  • Anonymous

    Harry and Asians :)

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    ‘+ Harry wearings a SARS mask!’

    oceanup is run by an idiot -.-

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    Yeah ’cause talking about the luxury is going to help raise money.