Selena Gomez Consoled By Luke Bracey When She Was Fighting W/ Justin Bieber


Selena Gomez sought a handsome shoulder to cry on in her Monte Carlo costar Luke Bracey when her relationship with Justin Bieber became rocky in Spring of 2012. A source close to Luke revealed to oceanUP: ‘Luke remained closest to Selena after the filming of Monte Carlo.

They texted from time to time, but when things with Justin were getting bad she would meet up with him to talk.’ The source would NOT reveal whether Luke and Selena were intimate at all while she was dating Bieber. PacificCoastNews.

  • Anonymous


  • BrokenArrow


  • Dina

    you got no proff, an in the pic here they were just talking, nothing more, so it does it mean anyhtig, stop making stuff up

  • Anonymous

    Lord bless her…smh

  • Anonymous

    Sure she did more than just console in him. What a skank!!

  • Anonymous

    but justin pics a damn pic with barbara and hes cheating. oh ok
    a pic on his hotel room. very different indeed.

  • Anonymous

    I guess you’re one of those people who believes everything they read, right?

    The ignorance on here……

  • Anonymous

    she always consoled by one of her male co-stars lol cause shes human right? but justin pics a damn pic with barbara and hes cheating. oh ok

  • Anonymous

    She’s talking to a guy, they must be dating.

  • ceeeral

    selena is human, don’t judge her.

  • Anonymous

    spring breakers bitches!!!

    (that’s the trailer is case you were wondering)

  • Anonymous

    sweet she’s drinking booze

  • SoRawSUgAr

    I think she should get over him, it was just a teenage boyfriend.

  • Anonymous

    Nothing that sours a relationship than when the woman shares intimate relationship details with another guy. That’s just not right. Bitch tag! No wonder Bieber lost respect for her.

  • Anonymous

    I think that somebody on Luke team is just putting his name out there

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