Zac Efron New York Sex Store Shopper


Zac Efron and Imogen Poots filming ‘Are We Officially Dating?’ in New York City, New York on January 18, 2013. Photos: FameFlynet. Zac was also spotted dildo shopping yesterday! According to NY Post, Zac was mortified to be caught hanging out at ‘Fantasy World’ sex shop even though he was just filming scenes for his new movie ‘Are We Officially Dating’.

‘When he realized a photographer had caught a picture of him surrounded by an array of glowing dildos, Efron immediately halted shooting & rushed out to chase down the pap. Zac was begging the guy to delete the pictures. He kept telling him that he has so many young fans and he didn’t want them to see it.’

  • Anonymous

    Can you imagine a video of him using the dildo on himself… god that’d be hot ;)

  • barbiescunt

    It’s okay Zac. I learned all about sex after the condom fell out of your pocket.

  • barbiescunt

    Can you imagine a video of him using the dildo on himself… god that’d be hot

    There is nothing hot about Zac and a dildo. Ew wtf is wrong with you?

  • Anonymous
  • uh

    LOL that’s most likely not why he wanted the pap to delete it, it’s because it would make him look gay cause he’s with a dildo. Duh

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  • Mae

    aw. its nice that he cares though.

  • Anonymous

    things happen in nyc