‘One Direction Not Strong Enough On Own’ Harry Styles Using At Home TATTOO Kits!


X Factor UK judge Nicole Sherzinger on how she created One Direction: ‘I just thought: ‘Wow, these boys!’ None of them were strong enough to make it through but they’d make a killer group. All the girls are going to want to see these guys in

..a band together. And look at what they’ve done. I’m just really sad that I didn’t have a piece of it. Simon Cowell forgets that [I helped put them together] or he’s trying to forget that. I still haven’t received flowers from them yet!’

According to The Sun, Harry Styles let one of his friends use a home tattoo kit to create his latest tattoo. Harry is at risk of hepatitis, TB and other infectious diseases, with his regular professional tattoo artist advising him to stop using the home methods.

‘I tried to explain to him what the risks were but he doesn’t seem to care.’ Anne Cox urged him to not get another tattoo in Japan: ‘Harry’s mum is worried his tattoo collection is getting out of hand. She thinks he’s getting addicted to sitting in the artist’s chair. She’s concerned about the lasting effects of the scribbles all over his body and thinks he could live to regret some of them.

Simon gave him some gentle advice suggesting he gives it a break for a while and reassess. Harry has had over 30 tattoos in the last year. His mum is also concerned the ink could be the reason he gets such bad skin. She’s told him he’ll get even more spotty if he continues, not just on his face. Harry loves the Japanese symbols. He’s determined to have Japanese calligraphy on him. It wouldn’t surprise me if he gets it done sneakily.’

  • Anonymous

    “pathetic and untrue”? It’s the truth, but people refuse to see it for what it is. I’m actually not the only person who has said that believe it or not.

    It’s time Liam got the recognition he deserves for his talent, not me.

  • Anonymous

    You see it’s funny because she’s not strong enough of her own. I think someone is projecting.

  • Anonymous

    Nicole is an incredibly talented singer, and truth is, The Pussycat Dolls were Nicole + girls in background. They had an established identity and it didn’t work when it was just her own name.
    HOWEVER, about One Direction, Liam should’ve stayed solo from the getgo. His voice is BY FAR the best of 1D, it has such a lovely warm & dark tone… on the sultry side. It’s been improving so well over the years and it deserves to be heard by itself rather than singing with the rest of 1D who can barely sing and is marginally talented.

  • Anonymous

    Can you get over yourself and stop posting how liam is the only one that can sing on every 1D post. It is pathetic and untrue. You just want attention, grow up.

  • Anonymous

    Zayn has the best voice get over it

  • Anonymous

    She really should get some credit.

  • oceanUP

    harry’s voice is beautiful he should have sang more with taylro