Noah Cyrus Central Park Horse Ban


New Tween Queen and an avid horse rider Noah Lindsey Cyrus used her 13th birthday to raise money for the group trying to remove the Central Park carriages that critics say are inhumane, reports NYDN.

She urged friends and fans to celebrate her ‘Tweet13 Birthday’ by giving $13 or more to New Yorkers for Clean, Livable & Safe Streets instead of gifts or sign a petition to get rid of the carriages. Noah: ‘When I first learned about the

inhumane treatment of horses in New York City, I was devastated. As a rider, I would never put my horse at risk in dangerous midtown traffic.’ Lead organizer said that Mommy Tish got in touch with her several years ago over Twitter.

‘When Noah turned 13, she & her mother got in touch with us and decided that they wanted to try and raise awareness as part of her birthday. We think it’s great she’s become this mini-horse activist at such a young age.’

The group is pushing a bill that would ban the horse carriages & replace them with electric-powered vintage cars and which has so far been blocked in the City Council.

  • Anonymous

    LOL.Is she gonna petition the Amish too?
    This family needs to get off their PETA kick.
    PETA is more dangerous than half the companies and organizations they protest.

  • Anonymous

    which one is the horse?

  • SlimShady

    Dafuq with the face? As an avid horse rider as well, there is nothing even wrong with horse drawn carriages. Some horses are built extremely powerful, made to pull heavy things. Its actually good for them to build those muscles. They shouldn’t ban the carriages, they should just use them in safer, less busy places.

  • Anonymous

    The horse drawn carriage industry, touted for its romance and tradition, is a business of cruelty to the horses.