Tom Daley Zayn Harry Hottest Hunks 2013


heat’s 101 Hottest Hunks 2013 Top Ten: Do YOU agree?

1. Tom Daley (NEW ENTRY) 2. Channing Tatum (40 LAST YEAR, +38 PLACES) 3. David Beckham (1 LAST YEAR, -2 PLACES) 4. Zac Efron (10 LAST YEAR, +6 PLACES) 5. Ryan Gosling (2 LAST YEAR, -3 PLACES) 6. Harry Styles

(18 LAST YEAR, +12 PLACES) 7. Taylor Lautner (17 LAST YEAR, +10 PLACES) 8. Zayn Malik (51 LAST YEAR, +43 PLACES) 9. Olly Murs (22 LAST YEAR, +13 PLACES) 10. Johnny Depp (8 LAST YEAR, -2 PLACES)


  • - atrl -

    they look like a bunch of twinks to me

  • Anonymous … … YES ZAYN IS NOOOOT HOOOT RIGHT???? :$

  • Anonymous

    I think one direction are attractive, but they are my age so I should and can, but on the top 100 hottest males list I am not sure if they are there yet. They are very young guys and are still growing up and they are up against these older men when they are still barely adults. Idk maybe I am being weird. I love them and I defiantly think zayn and harry are attractive guys, but this is just a bit odd to me.

  • Anonymous

    where is chris hemsworth

  • Anonymous

    are you kidding me? who makes this? a 12 year old girl??? where is chris hemsworth? hugh jackman? Ryan Reynolds?… taylor lautner is not that hot, harry and zayn(LBH they have a 13 year old boy body) are definitely not Hottest!!! this must be a joke

  • Anonymous

    Harry Styles is not a 6 for me.

  • Anonymous

    The only one I agree with is Ryan Gosling. The others….no, just no. Taylor Lautner? Harry Styles? Zayn Malik? Zac Efron? Lmfao was this list put together by a 12 year old?

  • Anonymous

    Harry Styles is hideous.

  • Anonymous

    are they kidding me ?
    1) channing tatum MUST be first, he didnt get sexiest man alive for nothing …

  • SlimShady
  • Anonymous

    ^ I would ride Chris like a cowgurl :p

  • oceanUP

    missing flawless joe jonas!

  • Live.Love.Learn.

    Harry unfff

  • joejonassmile

    oceanUP said:missing flawless joe jonas!
    He is still flawless and I missed him too…ALWAYS :D