‘Zayn Malik Has The Best Tattoos In 1D’

Kevin Paul told Sugarscape: ‘Some of the papers have been saying I’m One Direction’s personal tattooist. I’m not. I’ve tattooed Harry twice, by chance. [On Harry’s 17 black tattoo] I think it was just his lucky number. That’s what he said to me. It’s a gambling reference I think, but I don’t know if it is for him. What he said to me was it’s his lucky number. We didn’t need to try out a couple of styles, he basically drew what he wanted and then I drew it better.

He was fine with the pain, he took it quite well. Most do, Frankie Cocozza wasn’t too impressed with it but most are ok. I think celebrities like me because I don’t sell them out, but when I first did Harry I got offered ten grand for a photo of his tattoo and I said no. I just deleted them because they ended up being more hassle than they were worth. Harry’s ship, from what I’ve seen it didn’t look like it was done very well, but I’ve not seen a close up photo of it.

Apparently it was done in a professional shop. I know he goes to Shamrock Tattoo in LAm they’re a good professional studio, so I assume the ones he’s had done there are gonna be professional and well done. I generally don’t like what else he’s had, because it’s little bits around the arms. I think when he gets older he’ll want to get them covered up. From what I’ve seen, I think Zayn’s got the best tattoos. All of Zayn’s tattoos seem to be professionally done,

They might be odd images that he’s had, but they seem to be professionally done. I think the Harry-home-tattoo’s been overdone. I think his mate’s got a tattoo machine and he tattooed him in the past, but he seems to be going to professional shops now. If you tattoo without all the sterilising equipment there obviously is a risk.’

  • pshh

    “Kevin Paul” has NO idea what he’s talking about, Harry and I both use Freddy Negrete (Shamrock Social Club) and he’s honestly the best tattooer ever! His lines are always perfect, his work just always comes out beautiful, and he’s super professional.