Ashley Tisdale Working W/ Rebel Wilson


Ashley Tisdale is now working on a pilot project titled Super Fun Night. ABC single-camera comedy follows three nerdy female friends on a ‘funcomfortable’ quest to have ‘super fun’ every Friday night. If picked up if will become a TV series. Tisdale is rumored to play the role of Jazmine. Thx AshleyTisdale.Org!

  • Anonymous

    THat shit is going to get cancelled like wild cats did or whatever show it was. she should of kissed selena gomez ass like ashley benson did to be in spring breakers lol

  • _Pink_ Poison_

    Rebel Wilson was fucking hilarious in nearly every movie she does, but doing a tv show? with ashley tisdale? no thanks, im good…

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  • Anonymous

    omg I love Ashley and I love Rebel YAY IT’S GONNA BE SUPER AWESOME!!! and u haters shut up, like they say “haters gonna hate” bitchessss