Jen Lawrence Was Going to Be A Doctor

Jennifer Lawrence revealed to Piers Morgan that she wanted going to be a doctor! She also talks about her DRESS MALFUNCTION at the SAG Awards + more of her sassy self of her Jimmy Kimmel interview UNDER! LOVE HER..

  • BrokenArrow

    She’s so charming omg.

  • _Pink_ Poison_

    You can’t help but love her

  • Anonymous

    i love her she has such a good personality

  • Kristina

    I like that yellow dress it suits her:)

  • Anonymous

    She needs a category. If Shaneliy Whoever Woodley has one, why not her?

  • Anonymous

    God I love her. She is too funny! Start of her Piers Morgan interview was so funny hahaha

  • Anonymous

    Live love love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    why is this under the Jake T. Austin category? lol give jen her own