Bieby Security Guard Threatens Shopper


A member of Justin Bieber’s crew allegedly threatened a man who snapped a pic of JB Sunday night, and now police are investigating … TMZ reports!

According to law enforcement sources.. Justin was shopping at a Best Buy in the San Fernando Valley when the adult male — not a crazed tweener fan — approached him and took the photo.

We’re told the man claims someone in Justin’s entourage — someone he thinks is a bodyguard — immediately, and angrily, told him to delete the photo … which he did.

The photo opportunist — who we’re told is not a paparazzo — felt threatened enough after the encounter that he called police … but when LAPD officers arrived Justin and his posse were long gone.

We’re told police took a report from the alleged victim, and plan to investigate his claim.

Justin’s camp had no comment to TMZ. Do YOU think that Bieber’s security had the right to do that? If it were Sarah M, do you think Justin or his security guard would do the same?!she’s practically a celebrity herself!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. Justin Bieber = wannabe rapper

  • Lexx

    I wish I could say I was surprised… but I never liked this idiot. He may be famous, but the kid is a total loser. So sick of em.

  • Anonymous

    okay that was really harsh, obviously i still think he will be successful in his career, i’m just really surprised at how weird everything is at the moment. it’s just too much of change too soon. i detest my mother making negative remarks about justin doing drugs and shit like everyone else his age, when she wouldn’t even know if justin/his team/whoever would just stop playing too much.

    i just don’t want “justin bieber” to become synonomous with “drugs”, the way “snoop dog” is with “weed” and “chris brown” is with “violence” and how “lindsay lohan” is with “addiction” and how “britney spears” is with “mental illness” and how “michelle williams” is with “burger king”

    do u get where i’m coming from?

  • Anonymous

    I used to be such a big fan of Bieber, but he’s becoming more and more of an asshole everyday.

  • Jinxx.

    Do YOU think that Bieber’s security had the right to do that? If it were Sarah M, do you think Justin or his security guard would do the same?! …she’s practically a celebrity herself!

    I don’t really think they would and it’s a damn shame because Sarah M is a MOTHERFUCKING STALKER! I cannot wait for the day that she gets put in her place. she’s unbelievable, no shame whatsoever.

  • Anonymous

    Really starting to think this kid is turning into a spoiled little dick. I really like Justin for his music, but his attitude is getting disgusting. As for the “security guard” …the fuck dude? Justin isn’t Amish. It’s just a picture. Dear god.

  • Justinsuglyglasses

    Sarah M is an international celebrity with a website and with worldclass bangs. Of course Justin and his team would not threaten her.

  • Anonymous

    Justin and his little posse of thugs just go around dangerously, harassing or actually hurting people …and they just keep getting away with it….Justin posts dumb photos of himself …such as the one for this article ALL the time…but yet one adult male cant take a photo probably for his own child…THEN to bully him into deleting it…there’s no reason for a random adult male shopper to make up this story. But as always Justin people will deny deny deny anything he or his group do negatively since its what they get paid the big bucks for.

  • Anonymous

    love and happiness streeeeeeams from the world of Beeeber :love:

  • Anonymous

    i can’t believe the day is coming where i actually don’t think justin has a bright future lol

    this is out of control. it’s only february and it’s just been one story after another after another. get a fucking grip already. it’s so fucking shameful to have your family watching his movies, listening to his acoustic album, planning on going to concerts.. all because they think he’s such an inspiration…………. and then he literally shows his ass non-stop like do your shit in private please?????

  • Anonymous

    and it’s NOT his posse of “thugs” you losers want to blame. it’s HIM and only him. little fucking twist is not responsible for JUSTIN BIEBER’S actions. i think it’s good to expiriment and shit, but you need to learn to use discretion and stop embarrassing all the people who root for you. it’s not fucking rocket science to go “hmm, maybe this isn’t the direction i want my image to take. let’s go back to the drawing board”

    because if you all THINK for a second that this whole ordeal has not been planned for months, you are mistaken. being all good and a role model is not reaping the rewards you want, so u gon reroute and go wayyyy left in HOPES that this new direction will open up a world of possibilty. you wanna be chris brown, since being michael isn’t working out the way you planned.

    i know not getting a grammy sucks but ur doing the most for no good reason and i’m ashamed of you right now

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:
    I used to be such a big fan of Bieber, but he’s becoming more and more of an asshole everyday.

    he’s not an asshole by any means. justin is still a good person. he’s just very desperate and scared and thirsty and confused. if he would just chill the fuck out, he would be fine.

    ps, weed, liquor, and lean is gonna age you like a motherfuck. that plus keeping track of all your lies, and well, u will be looking like your idol breezy in no time.