Taylor Wants Selena To Cut Out Bieby?


Selena fan meeting pix in New York City. Taylor Swift wants Selena Gomez to breakup totally with Justin Bieber. Source told Hollywood Life:T ‘aylor would rather Selena break everything off with Justin and believes that will happen in the very near future. Taylor isn’t a Justin fan at all. There is just a process that Selena has to go through to have that finally happen and Taylor understands that.

Taylor is very spiritual and superstitious and believes in the saying, ‘It takes half the time of a relationship you had with someone to get over the relationship you had with that person. If Taylor can speed things up a little bit by being there for Selena and showing her the fun she can have, then she will gladly do it.’

Justin Bieber‘s family and close friends are worried about the kind of people he is surrounding himself with lately, reports Radar Online: ‘Justin’s reputation has been drastically tarnished in a really short time span simply because of the company he’s keeping. Nobody’s going to name names or point fingers, but Justin knows who he shouldn’t be hanging out with and has clearly been caught in some undesirable situations because of these people.

Justin’s family, his business team and his closest friends are really concerned about the direction Justin is going in with his life right now. Not only is it bad for his reputation, but the influences around him aren’t good.. I seriously doubt Justin and Selena will ever get back together for good. They fight non-stop over just about everything. Selena has a problem with Justin’s choice of friends and has serious trust issues with him.’

Bieber was SICK had to leave SNL rehearsals. Claimed ‘food poisoning’.

  • Anonymous

    this is so stupid ! ” taylor doesnt like bieber ” they are friends and i dont believe it until we have proof stop putting down taylor you dont know if she actually said this to selena or not its the stupid media coming up with stories without actually having any real proof

  • Anonymous

    Ewwwww!!! :p

  • amy pond

    She probably just wants Selena to break up with Justin so she can date him herself.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like Tay wants some of Sel’s cookie.

  • Anonymous

    APPETENTY she went to go see nick

  • Anonymous

    um the ppl hes friends with makes sense but he wouldnt sin gabout her pushing him away if he knew why.like idk

  • fsdff

    taylor needs to stfu and go suck one of her 50 ex’s dick.

  • Anonymous

    Selena has had a boyfriend for 2 + years, Taylor has had one(s) 2+ months. Tay needs to get out of the fairy tale mentality and shut the F up. What does she know. Relationships are complicated… Selena and biebs can figure it out on their own. Taylor… sit down, you have lost relationship advice credibility.

  • BrokenArrow


  • dina

    i hope this part is true abotu tayler wanted selena to get over justin for good, like she was trying to, cassue selena and jusitn are not back togehter and will not be. selena is way better off wihtout him and sicne then she never looked happier wihtout that justin

  • Anonymous

    LOL um first of all who the hell is taylor to give advice? Her relationships never last and taylor isn’t a fan of Justin? Why did he tour with her and invite him to sing with her at her concert…

  • SubwayToVenus

    Probs jealous cause she’s never had a relationship like Jelena.