George Shelley ‘Undying Selena Crush’


Union J’s George Shelley chatted with Sugarscape about Miley and Selena: Have you ever caught someone, or been caught in an intimate moment? [laughs] I’ve caught people quite a few times.. Ince there was this girl I liked, and I walked in on my friend was kissing her. I was just like ‘OK cool,’ then walked out. it wasn’t great.

Did he know that you liked her? Yeah he knew, I’d spoken to him about it. I’m still friends with him now though, we got over it. Who do you think would make a better girlfriend, Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez? [Instantly] Selena Gomez. I’ve got an undying crush on her, it’s the whole Disney thing. I love her, I love Demi, I love all the Disney gals. Miley, I love Miley.

What do you make of her edgy haircut? Oh no, I saw a picture of that, she’s gone a bit edgy, yeah.. [breaks off] hang on a sec, it sounds really bad but I’m searching the bus as we speak for my bag that I might have lost.. [frantic scuffling] Ok I’ve found it, panic over!

Are you looking forward to seeing Selena in her new film Spring Breakers then? I’ve not seen the trailer but I’m going to watch it as soon as I get off the phone now you’ve said that.

  • Anonymous

    no not really, she’s not the most desired one. demi is!! remember Niall, George Shelley, Nathan from the wanted, and that guy romeo..none of the one d boys like least what directioners know!!

  • Anonymous

    What a FUGLY bitch!!! ewwww

  • oceanUP

    selena is definitely the most desired disney star now

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  • SubwayToVenus

    George is just another of all the many guys who have talked about their crushes on Selena. She is actually SO fucking adorable and yet hot at the same time. So jealous of her.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, she’s single now! ;)

  • Anonymous

    Selena looks topless in that gif lol

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    Whose he?! What’s a Union J and isn’t there a gay in Union J last I heard of that name lul

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    once they become big she will date him….. it is how she is she dates the “hottest” person at the time

  • Anonymous

    Yeah yeah keep talkin nigga. You think you so fly with all that talk about those stupid rumors. PLEASE at least don’t believe everything you hear or see. You are one of the many idiots in this world who ACTUALLY deserve to be tested and see what’s going on in that little head of yours. BUT then again you may be one of those little under age rats.

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    She dates who she like at the time not who’s the biggest. She has always been famous if anything she could of help Justin.