Blanda Eggenschwiler Stunning Surprise


Also Joe is back in LA@!

  • jonatic4eva

    druggies everywhere…..

    whatever…aww Elvis, Winston and Maggie are adorables!!!

  • jonatic4eva

    I don’t know what is worse…her ridiculous faces or her drawings from kindergarten.

  • oceanUP

    she is the female harry styles

  • Anonymous

    Blanda is a FameWhore,UGH. Joe needs to break up with her now,b4 its to late.

  • Anonymous

    So sick of seeing this nobody on here please STOP. If I did not well hate is too strong of a word but certainly dislike her now. Joe time to dump this one and concentrate on some music again.

  • Anonymous

    Did someone staple that damned beanie to her head?

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    I dint understand why people find the need/like to post pictures of themselves on the Internet. I have a friend that post atleast 3 pics a day, there not anything special just her standing in a mirror or something. Not that there is anything wrong with it but I never understood the appeal. I guess it’s not my style.

  • Anonymous

    Someone should tell her not to wear the beanie so damn much. She’s making it look tacky. she’s not looking stylish…just homeless.

  • xAskTaylorx

    Winston, his girlfriend, and Elvis!!! <3

  • Layla

    LOL well this is a pointless random post about a nobody. Good going oceanUP you’re starting to lower your standards on here tsk tsk

  • Anonymous

    Oh so she IS capable of more than one facial expression

  • Anonymous

    Are all tee shirt makers going to be on here? Cause there’s plenty out there. Do iron ons count?

  • Anonymous