Zayn To Makeup For Cheating On V-Day


Zayn Malik has hired a private chef to cook for himself and his girlfriend and the food will be served by two posh waiters. When Perrie arrives the first thing she will see if that a top London florist has filled Zayn’s home with red roses, especially for her, reports Daily Star.

‘He has put a lot of planning and thought into the night and Perrie should be bowled over. He is upset and angry that his actions led to a girl claiming she had sex with him and the impact that had on Perrie and their relationship.’

  • Anonymous

    that would be really cute, but how do you know its true?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand gossip magazines at all. one day they claim there is a huge cheating scandal, the next article they are saying he is buying a ton of roses and hiring a chef. most of this stuff is fake, we shouldn’t get worked up over it.

    except maybe the flower stuff because thats what every boyfriend in the universe does on Valentines day lol.

  • BrokenArrow

    If that’s true it’s too cute

  • Crystal

    But it still doesn’t make up for cheating ( if he really did) Trust and love can’t be bought

  • Anonymous

    No. honestly I kinda doubt it happened

  • Anonymous

    Was his cheating confirmed… I mean… I’m just curious…

  • Anonymous

    That can’t of happened today because all of 1D are in South Kirkby all week rehearsing for the tour.

  • Anonymous

    Well hopefully it wasn’t a surprise because if so Oceanup just blew that one out of the water lol

  • Anonymous

    Agree with above comment NOTHING makes up for cheating and lying. Once a cheater always a cheater and in their business where both are constantly touring and travelling if you cannot trust the other person then you dont have a relationship. Girl should have some respect for herself and tell him to get lost.

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