Cher Lloyd With Ur Love Music Video

  • Anonymous

    Ugh that was so tacky and kitschy and painful to watch. It’s like watching a bad 80s or 90s video…why on earth would she think this would appeal to American audiences? Why waste money to make a second video that’s worst than the first? No just no.

  • Gia

    Why? She had already a video and it is better than why?

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone else think of hocus pocus?

  • BrokenArrow

    I likedthe old video better i dont know why but i feel like since she started to promote herself in the usa the only thing she does is trying to flaunt her body and being sexy -.-

  • ceeeral

    urgg, why? she already has a video for this? come up with something NEW! not that i like her, but still.

  • Anonymous

    Her video for Want You Back was also better in the original UK version. I love Cher, I really do, but she should stick to her original music videos. I noticed her US ones aren’t really that good. :/